If you plan to bring your mobile phone to Costa Rica, be aware of the international data roaming charges and any call costs. Also, ascertain if your phone is equipped for Costa Rica's frequency before travelling and make sure to unlock your phone. 

If you don't require your own personal cell phone, travelers often find it efficient and cost effictive to purchase kits with phone equipped with a prepaid SIM card.

Or, alternatively, if your personal phone is compatible and unlocked, you can purchase a pay-as-you-go SIM card in Costa Rica through a start-up package offered by Croatia’s mobile phone operators.

Costa Rica's four cellular providers are: Claro, Movistar, TuYo, and Kolbi. While Kolbi provides the best coverage in remote regions, Movistar provides the most limited.

Tablets and smartphones, with their ability to use ethernet connections as well as services like Skype, are often the most easiest and cost-efficient methods of communication. 


A growing number of hotels, cafés, and hostels offer customers wi-fi access, though sometimes at a cost. Internet cafes, however, are beginning to disappear.