Costa Rica plays host to 5% of the worlds biodiversity. It is only .03% of the Earth's land space, but upwards of 27% of that land is protected by law.

By the early 19th century, Costa Rica recognized that steps would have to be taken to protect nature as settlements began to grow, and in 1828 the government was charged with the need to govern reforestation. Over 100 years later, in 1949, 11 distinct areas of conservation were set up across the country.

Today there are nearly 20 groups, both national and international, that are working to keep Costa Rica wild. Ecotourism is a booming industry founded on teaching people about the land they are visiting, and encouraging them to help make it better so future generations will also be able to enjoy it.

Global warming is a battle that is being caught on a larger scale that directly affects Costa Rica. Higher temperatures increase evaporation, threatening the cloudforests of Costa Rica. These diverse landscapes deserve to exist beyond the next decade or two, so work is underway now to protect them.