Arenal Volcano

Since 1968, the actively erupting peak of Arenal Volcano has been a symbol of Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano is situated in the north central province of Alajuela, and found in one of the largest sections of protected land in the country. Volcanic activity has slowed significantly since 2010, but visitors are still cautioned that this volcano has not gone dormant.

Lake Arenal, Costa Rica's largest freshwater reservoir, is also situated nearby. Windsurfers and fishermen are able to take advantage of the recreational opportunities on the water. This body of water is also responsible for 40% of the hydroelectric power in Costa Rica.

Nearby this powerful attraction are the cloudforests of Monteverde. Here is home to one of the widest varieties of orchids in the world, and one of the most diverse populations of animals and trees on the planet. Birders will also be enthused at the chance to witness the brilliantly colored quetzal in its natural habitat.

Guides can be hired to take tourists through some of the wilderness, further enriching the experience of checking out the wilds of Costa Rica. They will even show off another volcano lies in this protected area: Cerro Chato. It features a collapsed crater with a beautiful lagoon. This is surely one place to experience some of the ecotourism Costa Rica has to offer!